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Killarney Apts, Back Side
Killarney Apts, Back Side
Scanned Color Negative

Oh, the Killarney: despite being overshadowed by the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge, it still looms in my memories as one of the best buildings to live in. As a former boss noted, it "looks like it came right out of a fairy tale." Indeed, with the building being set back from the street, giving way to a lush front yard & pond, the Killarney had the magic which hearkens to its namesake's roots of the Emerald Island.

I lived in four units in the Killarney:

--203, 1998-1999
--202, 1999
--107, 1999-2000
--10, 2000-2001

Each unit was deceivingly large--maybe it had something to do with the plethora of doors leading to each room (and main hallways, in the first three units). It was a very sad day when my dad helped me move out of there for the last time that New Year's week.