• Abadilla Woodworks is Open for Business

    I have shifted my creative focus from photography to woodworking.

    I first started woodworking when I was in middle school, and pursued furniture making after completing my undergraduate studies. Life has a knack for diverting paths, and I was no different.

    However, after a seemingly minor event this past spring, a string of good fortunes led me back to the workbench.

    Please visit my portfolio by clicking here. I also offer made-to-order, small storage options at my Etsy store - you can view my store by clicking here. Opportunities for having custom furniture are definitely considered; contact me by locating and clicking either the "Start a Conversation" or "Request a Custom Order" buttons on the storefront.

  • January 12th @ Edie's Shoes

    Happy New Year! What a better way to start off 2011 but by having a photo exhibit?

    Stop on by Edie's Shoes, 319 E Pine, to see a smattering of Polaroids and silver gelatin prints. (Click here for store hours and directions.) You may very well leave with some fancy footwear and a lovely framed photo.

  • Ouch My Eye Studio, October 23rd

    Another October, another show!

    Four of my photos have been selected for Analog 5: a non-digital photographic exhibit. Opening reception is on Saturday, October 23rd. Address is 1022 1st Ave. S, not to far away from Safeco Field. Please consult www.ouchmyeye.com for details.

  • The Art/Not Terminal Gallery's Annual Photo Show

    Wow--almost let this one run away!

    There are two weeks left before the Art/Not Terminal Gallery's Annual Photo show concludes its run. Swing on by and see the photo series first shown at the former climate/gallery in Long Island City, NY, just three months ago. You may be surprised to see what happened once that show concluded and the images returned to Seattle.

    Click here for Art/Not Terminal Gallery's hours and location. Admission is free.

  • Images Chosen for Long Shot @ Photo Center NW

    Exciting times, and how! Two of my Polaroid images have been chosen to be on display at the Photo Center NW for Long Shot, the 24 hour photo shoot marathon/fundraiser. Two may not seem much, but considering that I was one of over 150 participants, and most have been delegated one image, it's a privilege.

    Once I get them printed & framed, a new portfolio entry will be uploaded, with all images taken--over 40 Polaroids and iPhone images!

    For more information about the exhibit, click here. The one-night only exhibit launches on Friday, June 4, 6:00PM to Midnight. Address is 900 12th Ave, 98122--just a block south of Cafe Presse & the Seattle University campus.

    Unfortunately, I will not be at the show, as I have a prior commitment out-of-state, but let that not discourage you from stopping by! I'm certain that, with all the images and happenings in the gallery--including live music and many an hors d'oeuvres & libations--you won't be disappointed.

    Also: Photo Center NW is still accepting donations as part of Long Shot's bigger goal: raise money for the various educational programs that the Center has to offer. I know that without the Center, my work would not have evolved into its current state. Visit this site and find out more details on the fundraising goals, as well as cast some funds their way before June 4.

  • Long Shot on Friday, April 30, 2010

    Wow: time really does fly. To be included in an exhibition on Long Island, only to participate in a worldwide marathon of taking pictures for 24 hours not a month afterwards boggles my mind. Yet, the Photographic Center NW is about to launch the 2nd Annual Long Shot, which will be my first time out there for that long of a shoot.

    If you're in Seattle, you may spot me throughout town. My "anchors" will likely include the Electric Tea Garden, the Good Shepherd Center, SoDo, and maybe even somewhere outside the city. Who knows.

    Sometimes, planned events bring the perfect opportunity for the unanticipated to appear... and beautifully. My Lady-Dee Bug is packed and ready to roll.

  • Work on Display in New York this March!

    That's right: I made it to New York (Long Island City, but still!!!)!

    Three photos from the I-5 Underpass at 6th Ave & James St will be part of a group show at climate/gallery this March. (Click here for details on the gallery) The show is called Zeros + Ones:The Digital Era: a 10-person group show that includes a video installation by Ishuan Lin.

    To see the full series, click here. Each thumbnail can be expanded not only to full image, but full screen size for your viewing pleasure.

  • Stepping Back

    After exhibiting work for the past 11 years, I've decided to take a step back from seriously pursuing the photographic craft.

    No worries!!! I'm not completely abandoning photography--just taking a step back. On the other hand, however: the biggest impetus for making this decision was three-fold: work, school, and the pursuit of DJ'ing.

    That's right: DJ'ing.

    It has been, not a lifelong dream, but definitely one of those artistic endeavors I've been wanting to pursue and now have the opportunity to do so. For now, I'm posting my practice sets on www.soundcloud.com, under DJ Clarise, a moniker adopted the same time the photography was in full swing.

    Will definitely keep this website going, however: the photos never stop (if you're a FaceBook friend, you'll definitely know that I never stopped), just as the music never stops. Like everything else: timing is everything.

  • Out of the Chaos and Back into Exhibiting

    Yes, after a 4 month absence from this blog, I have been able to secure a venue to show work. This October, a wide range of my work will be on display at Healeo, a superfood cafe at 15th & E Madison. This will be a combo of framed work and a slide show of the bulk of my work on one of their flat screen TVs.

    Healeo is listed as a venue to visit on the Capitol Hill Art Walk, which happens the 2nd Thursday of the month. Brilliant! Do stop by on Thu, Oct 8, between 6 & 8, and you too get to see my work again.

    Go here to see the venue.

  • Reception for Annual Photo Show @ Art/Not Terminal Gallery 6/6/09

    June's such a lovely month: sun, sports, and the Annual Photo Show at the Art/Not Terminal Gallery just north of the downtown Seattle retail core.

    This year, I'm introducing a 'new' format: diptychs of original Polaroid prints and their 11"x14" enlarged, inkjet printed counterparts. I've been working on this format for the past couple of months, and they are gorgeous!

    On Sat, 6/6/09, the Artist Reception for the Photo Show begins @ 7.00PM. Do stop by! I'll be there to yak your head off about the series on display.

    Click here to see the Gallery's website. Art/Not Terminal Gallery is located @ 2145 Westlake Ave, corner of Lenora Westlake. The nearest landmarks are Whole Foods up the street @ Denny Way, and the Toyota of Seattle dealership is around the corner.

  • Springtime: a ringy-ding time

    Time moves so fast when a twister (of sorts) moves through. I've gotten into the habit of using an iPhone acquired not too long ago, and it's caught a few good images. Look for 'Spring 2009 iPhone' & 'iPhone images' in the Portfolio listing.

    Lots of other avenues are emerging & re-routing, so some of the web site setup may very well show its construction as part of your viewing experience. Each image will be properly aligned in due time.

    ...'A springy-spring time!'

  • Major Updates for 2009

    Happy New Year!

    There have been many changes on both the order of the portfolio and in the manner you can see all of the pictures.

    OPP has finally added a new feature where you can click on an image to make it BIG. Very nice, especially since some of the images are from scanned negatives.

    Also, I've been focusing more on using the Polaroids (to which, as of next Wednesday, there will be four in my fleet!). DON'T FRET! I haven't lost interest in my other cameras, but one must go with the flow creatively, or else you're just stifled.

    Finally, new sections have been made in the portfolio: Lake Twenty-Two Hike, Madison Radio Towers, more Polaroids... There's just too many options to choose from, it's quite overwhelming, but you reap the benefits. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    PS: given the nature of Polaroid cameras, it's only fitting that some of the images are blurred, or are even missing parts of the image. Call it a design flaw in the developing process... or just operator error... However, I'm fast warming up to the fact that Polaroids are truly a one-time shot, which is probably why my focus has moved this direction.

  • Finally: (Almost) Everything's Up!

    Well, after taking some time off work to essentially reboot and recharge the brain & soul, I've finally updated EVERYTHING on my web site. This includes a parade of photos that should have already been up, but alas & alack.

    Each year of photos now has its own folder, and two new ones have appeared: 'Please List All Previous...' a currently-suspended photo-autobiography, and 'Polaroid (Guerrilla Marketing Project),' which began on Labor Day weekend and no plan on stopping anytime soon.

    Now, there are quite a few that should have been on this round of scans, but I'm just tuckered out for now with that lovely task. Will definitely add when the opportunity presents itself.

    Anyhow, enjoy!

  • 2008 HRC Pacific Northwest Dinner Gala at the Westin Hotel Seattle

    Earlier this summer, I was contacted by Cyndi Stephenson of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) about donating photos for the upcoming Pacific Northwest Dinner Gala. (Many thanks to Mike Zeigler for keeping us artists in the LGBT non-profit loop!)

    Three photos have been happily donated for 'America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality,' per HRC's website. They are: 'Behind NE 45th and University Way,' from the December 2008 'Greatest Hits' Show at the Seattle LGBT Community Center; 'Stairway to Yesler' from the 'It's About Life' Expo this past Pride month, and, new for this year, 'Alaska Building'.

    The 9th Annual Dinner Gala event begins at 5:30 PM on Saturday, September 20th. More details about the event can be found here.

  • More Polaroids

    I'm realizing what I wrote the last entry--to get Polaroid pictures, one must bring their Polaroid camera with them. Ai Ya!

    That said, more pix have been posted to the '2008-Polaroid' tab. Many thanks to Robert, who's making the aluminum can installation piece at Broadway and E Denny--can't wait to see the final piece in November.

  • Summer's Almost Over... Whip Out the Polaroid!

    Where did it go? Seems to be the question around these parts. Myself: just finished Jahnavi Lisa Barnes' Black and White 3 class at the Photographic Center, and I find myself asking a question I've heard all summer.

    Just in time to capture the shortening amount of sunshine, I acquired a forty-year old Polaroid Land Camera. Great find, and for good reason, too: most of Labor Day weekend has been captured by this instant film. (well, 30-120 seconds is almost instant, but still!)

    You will find scans of the last couple of days under the '2008-Polaroid' tab.

    Not all of them are here. In some cases, I took many snaps or one only of places and folks I saw over the past few days, and that particular print actually went to either the people or locations involved. So, many thanks to:

    - Holly, Mayon, and friends at Caffe Verite, Madrona
    - Hank on E Union St.
    - Mark, Michael, and the Chessmaster of ChessInstitute.org
    - the owner of the Schwinn Collegiate
    - the folks at Chapel Bar
    - Bridget at Faire Gallery & Cafe, and
    - the folks at the Bauhaus Cafe

  • It's About Life Expo @ the Convention Center

    Happy Solstice, Folks!

    This weekend, I'll have five photos ready for sale at the inaugural It's About Life Expo at the Convention Center. Per their web site:

    "'It's About Life' is not just a business & consumer expo, it is also an event that combines international music with authors and speakers that are geared toward the issues that affect the LGBT community."

    Notables who will be participating in the fun are Sandra Bernhard, Ari Gold, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (gotta love the Sisters!).

    Tickets to attend this weekend-long event is $12, good for both days.

  • Art/Not Terminal Gallery's Annual Photo Show is Here!

    Happy almost-Summer! The sun's finally coming around, and it's bringing out a lot of... well, everything.

    This year, I'll have two photos on display as part of Art/Not Terminal Gallery's Annual Photo Show. The reception is coming up fast and by surprise: Saturday, June 7, 7-10 PM; the show itself will be on display for the month of June. Find the gallery at 2045 Westlake Ave., at Denny. Phone is 233-0680; click the link here. All work will be judged by Ray Pfortner, the Magazine and Publishing Liaison for nature photographer Art Wolfe.

    I call the reception a "surprise" because the artist's call posted not two-three days after I booked a flight to San Francisco, which will take off the morning of the reception. Alas, you'll only find my work at the gallery on the 7th.

    Sometimes, life just sneaks up on you, so you do what will work with it.

  • Updates on the Seattle LGBT Community Center

    This afternoon, I stopped into the Center to see what's what, and here's the scoop:

    --The Center will be at 12th & E Pike until the end of this week

    --Equal Rights Washington has agreed to temporarily house the Center's pared down services until March; at that time, a new home will be sought. Click here for more info on ERW

    --The Resource & Referral line (206-324-LGBT [5433]) will still be operational
    --QArts will use other venues for 2008 shows; locations TBD

    Thank you to Board Member Emily for the scoop, as well as for taking the proceeds earned from the December show.

    Ooooh-weee! Changes abound! (This includes the fact that I've posted more entries on the "News" portion of my site in the past month than I have in a year! No New Year's Resolution required.)

  • Seattle LGBT Community Center's Days are Numbered

    If I've heard correctly, the Seattle LGBT Community Center will be shutting its doors next Tuesday, January 15. The Center has been a great place to show my work, as well as a great place all the way around for Seattle's queer community.

    One of many questions is: where will you see my work next? Well, the timing couldn't be any better: graduate school in library science is on my horizon--start date is less than three weeks! Not to say that I won't show at all... just a little less.

    With that in mind: keep your eyes peeled here on the site for upcoming shows & the like.

    Have a great 2008!

  • More Sad News About the Seattle LGBT Community Center!

    As you may already know, the Seattle LGBT Community Center has had some financial challenges since Queerfest & the Seattle Out and Proud Pride Parade this year.

    Unfortunately, more sad news has come to pass. Yesterday, the Center Coordinator received in the mail a three-day eviction notice from the landlord. SAD!!!!!!

    What can be done? Not sure, actually, but I know that someone closely associated with the Center will be talking with the landlord to see what options are available.

    In the meantime: YOU NEED TO COME TO THE CENTER TO SEE THE ARTWORK! And, I'm not just talking about mine, but all the artists who have work up for the "Greatest Hits" show.

    Keep your fingers crossed that the Center will find a new home really soon!

  • Jodie Foster

    Well, all us grrls have known this for years, but to have video evidence! Oh, joy.

    Go to CNN Video and type Jodie Foster, or

    Link to a news article


    "Constructed Landscapes," which was part of the "Greatest Hits" QArts show, was very successful. I'm uncertain of how many people stopped in (30? 60? Hmmm...) However: three photos from the bin, as well as the framed "Smith Tower" are now going to new homes. "Seattle Tower," which is part of the month-long silent auction, also has a bid.

    In addition, the "Greatest Hits" show may very well be the last show that the Seattle LGBT Community Center will have... at that location. The Center is in transition right now, which includes a likely move to a new facility (where is TBD). In any event, let's hope that it's a seamless move. To read more about the transition, here are two article links: Seattle Times Article

    Seattle Gay News Article

    Again, thank you so much for coming to the show. It would not have been successful without you!

  • Constructed Landscapes will be On Display December 2007

    Hey hey hey,

    December: the month of consumerism and frantic travel plans. It's also time for another show!

    My newest set of images, "Constructed Landscapes," will be part of the QArts "Greatest Hits" show this December @ the Seattle LGBT Community Center. The reception will be on Saturday, December 8, 2007, from 7.00 to 10.00 pm. Admission is free. Address is 1115 E Pike St. on Capitol Hill. (Cross streets are 12th Ave and E Pike; nearest landmarks are the Satellite Lounge and the Wildrose.) For more information about the Center, go here.

    Also, one of the photos will be part of a silent auction, for which the proceeds will go towards operating costs for the QArts Committee (kudos to QArts Curator & Chair Mike Zeigler for getting this organized!). Which photo? I'm not sure, but you'll just have to come to the show to find out!

    Happy Holidays, and hope to see you @ the show!

  • Ah, Autumn...


    Funny how fast things move along before you realize, "Wait--I'm back in class!"

    I just attended Mary Virginia Swanson's lecture on Friday at Seattle University. She is a photography consultant and educator, who is wonderfully energetic, and provided many avenues for pursuing photography as a career. I look forward to seeing her again. For more information on her, click here.

    Come October, I'll attending my first photography class @ the Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW), near Seattle University. As suggested by photographer Jahnavi Lisa Barnes, it's time for the next level, which is best learned in a guided setting. (Namaste, Jahnavi!) Classes are quarterly @ PCNW; to see Jahnavi's magical work, click here.

    Finally, it seems that my actual vocation is a formidable running mate. I've been accepted into the Masters of Library Science Online Program @ San Jose State University. Class begins January, 2008. Their web site is here.

    As '90s alternative music band The Breeders would croon, "Only in Threes! Oh, yeah!"

  • Finally Updated!

    Happy Summer!

    Well, I finally updated my web site. Hope you enjoy the new additions, and I promise: I'll be a bit more diligent about putting new ones up.

  • Photo @ Art/Not Terminal Gallery


    Getting slightly closer to adding those photos on the site, however--

    One of my photos is currently on display @ the Art/Not Terminal Gallery on the edge of downtown Seattle. The reception is TOMORROW, Sat., 6/9/07, 7.00pm. Please stop in, if you're able, as this is the first juried show that I'm participating in. The website for the gallery is [http://www.antgallery.org].

  • I'm Still Here!

    Already we're in March, and it looks like nothing's happening. Please be patient with me, as there's lots keeping me away from putting new things on this web site. As the days progress, I will upload more images for you to see. Thanks for keeping an eye on me! I promise, you won't be disappointed.

  • An Additional Reception Has Been Set--12/2/06

    Well--November has certainly started with quite the rain & wind! Thank you to all who were not deterred by unsavory conditions by stopping in to the Reception.

    For those who were deterred (or had a prior commitment), the QArts Committee will host a SECOND Reception, Saturday, December 2, 6-9PM. Address is the same as before.

    See you soon!

  • The Co-Chair Show is Upon Us--November 4, 2006

    This coming November, the Seattle LGBT Community Center is presenting what I call, "The Co-Chair Show."

    Painters Michelle Salazar & Michael Strangeways, sculptor Salvador Valenzuela, and myself are presenting our work as a kick-off for the new volunteer Co-Chairs of QArts, the arts organization housed @ the Center. The show will be on display for the month of November.

    The Artist Reception is on the first Saturday of the month, November 4, 6-9 PM.

    1115 E Pike St
    Seattle, 98122
    206-323-LGBT (5428)

    Be there, especially if you are the recipient of the postcard entitled, "Missing part of the picture?" Each of these postcards are numbered, as they're remnants of 11x14 photos that, while not presentation-worthy, still had some use.